Do you long for the time when you can reunite with mom and devour all that she lovingly cooks for you? Since a trip back home might not be possible for a while, we are here to help ease the longing! That's right, we're bringing that comfort Indian food you so crave, right to your doorstep.


Does this sound too good to be true ?

We're excited to announce the launch of 24seven's range of home cooked meals. We are bringing Maa ke Haath ka Khana to you.

Wrapped in newspaper or transistor radio inspired packaging, the food reminds us of a time when everything wasn't digital. A time when simplicity and quality was all that mattered. The retro packaging may inspire you to relish your meal whilst listening to old tunes, reading an actual newspaper, or ... chatting with your mom!

Our menu has been carefully curated keeping taste, freshness and your wellbeing in mind. We recommend you try:

  1. Ammaji's Jeera Aloo with Parantha. Undoubtedly the perfect accompaniment to your morning chai and newspaper.
  2. The Cooker Wala Chicken. A taste of this is all you need to unwind at the end of a tiring day.
  3. Ammaji's Kadi Chawal. A whiff of this will take you rushing down memory lane to mom's kitchen.
  4. Her wholesome Anda Curry Rice. The ultimate comfort food to grab from your closest 24seven store on your way back from office!
  5. The traditional Poori with Aloo Sabzi and Halwa. It'll remind you of festive days with your family back home.

Everything about Ammaji's meals - from the packaging, to the food itself, is guaranteed to bring back the nostalgia of a simple yet delicious home-cooked meal. The best part? The prices! The unbelievably low prices will tempt you to enjoy Ammaji ka Khana for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Our inhouse, state-of-the-art technology, ensures the highest standards of safety and hygiene when preparing, packaging and delivering your food. Our investments in technology and streamlined operations, ensure minimal contact while preparing and transporting your food to your nearest 24seven store. Your Mom would definitely approve!

What are you waiting for? Rush to your closest 24seven store and grab your favourite Indian food from our 'Ammaji ka Khana' menu. Alternatively, opt for doorstep delivery via our website or app.

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