It’s not enough to be compassionate, you must act
— Dalai Lama



Modicare Foundation was setup in 1996 by Mr Samir Modi with the overarching vision of serving the underprivileged in a spirit of partnership, empowerment, social equity and justice. His steadfast belief that people have the power to change lives with a generous & compassionate heart and an open & just mind has brought a smile in the lives of lakhs of marginalized people.

Foundation has a long history of reaching out to the most vulnerable communities. We directly empower children, adolescents, women and the underprivileged using a comprehensive approach of education, health, nutrition, life skills and leadership building.

A multi disciplinary, highly skilled and trained team ensure effective & qualitative implementation of our vision. We work in partnership with governments, NGO’s, institutions and industry.


Modicare Foundation strongly believes that every individual has the potential to transform their lives to grow and develop as a responsible citizen. This vision is highly relevant in the backdrop of small children wandering on the streets, begging for food and money and at times engaged in rag picking. These are the children pushed onto the street by poverty, violence and desperation. To restore dignity and nurture aspirations and dream of these underprivileged children, Khwabgah was born in 2012 in the slums of Taimur Nagar. This was an initiative to help children dream and develop self-confidence and capabilities. Khwabgah provided a safe environment for children to grow and learn by focusing on education, health, nutrition and lifeskills.

In 2015 Khwabgah made a transition to a more institutionalized framework. On behest of SDMC, Foundation entered into a partnership with government for an intensive and extensive engagement in Jasola Primary School to improve the quality of teaching-learning and upgrade infrastructure to create friendly and safe space for children. The Foundation’s effort is to impart the optimum education and life skills to facilitate positive changes in the lives of children. The interventions include curricular, extra curricular and life skills support to children. Most importantly, Khwabgah provided an enabling environment to foster children’s overall growth with a focus on curricular, co curricular (music, sports and art & crafts) and life skills support. Over 6500 children have benefitted from the Khwabgah initiative. Khwabgah’s community outreach program has reached out to over 3.5 lakh population residing in slums. The community outreach program focuses on health, hygiene and community development.

Ambassadors of Change (AOC)

A flagship programme started in 2000, AOC is based on life skills education for in and out of school adolescents. AOC addresses day to day challenges faced by adolescents like bullying, peer pressure, body changes and guides them towards responsible sexual behavior, awareness on gender discrimination and child sexual and substance abuse. In partnerships with schools, NGOs and corporates, to Foundation till date has reached out to 342094 adolescents in 200 institutions. On an average, the Foundation reaches out to 15000 adolescents every year. Through multipronged approach, many change agents have been created by the programme through adolescent training, training of trainers, peer education, teachers and parents orientation. This also ensures greater outreach and sustainability of the programme.

Partners in Change

Partners in Change is an initiative of the Foundation towards learning and collaboration. The Foundation provides technical support to corporate/industries and NGOs to develop a comprehensive programme on HIV/AIDS, Reproductive health, Gender and Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplaces (POSH) within their business.


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